Primates of the Yasuni

The EVERGREEN forest in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve has an amazing diversity of primates living and sharing resources, it’s very likely to find all these species living in the same area. This show the high productivity of the forest the Yasuni, most of the matter is the Life stream through its network.

Below is a list of all the species of monkey you can see while you visit the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

Pigmy Marmoset

Golden-mantled Tamarin

Saddle-backed Tamarin

Black-mantled Tamarin


Common Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel Monkey

White-fronted Capuchin

Red Titi Monkey

tity monkey

Noisy Night Monkey

Napo Saki Monkey


Common Woolly Monkey


Red Howler Monkey

red howler

White-bellied Spider Monkey